Best Place to Buy a Rolex is on Amazon

I recently bought a Rolex using Amazon, which is something hard to imagine a few years ago. Since a lot of changes have been made in Amazon a lot of new retailers have join in to sell luxury watches. There are some really great advantages when you buy from Amazon which you will never get in a store.

Amazon Protection
What’s so great about buying from Amazon is Amazon protection which consistent even to the smallest item. Although policy vary depending on the seller, Amazon is there to make sure they follow through. In my case was a great return policy if I happened to be dissatisfied with the item. Luckily I didn’t have to use the guarantee offered by the seller since everything was exactly what I expected.

No Sales Tax
Although certain states like New York already force Amazon to charge sales tax, there are still out of state sellers inside Amazon that will completely allow you to skip the sales tax and allow you to save a lot of money.

Safe Payment Processing
Since you are using Amazon you get the great legendary payment processing from Amazon. I dislike giving my credit cards information using Amazon I can use my stored information and get it through my credit card company without any problem.

These are just the few advantages I got from Amazon. Probably the most important one of all which sent me to Amazon in the first place was the price. It has probably the most competitive Rolex prices online with the best protection to buyers.

If your interested on trying out Amazon one of the the best seller would be Swiss Luxury for their prices and fast order processing.

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Best Seller to Buy A Pre-owned Rolex Online

I often get a few emails a week asking advice for buying a per-owned Rolex online. Buying online is basically the same as buying it from store. You need to do some due diligence on finding the reputation of seller. You need to know other people’s experienced with the seller, questions like was there ever a major complaint, does the seller respond in a timely manner and probably one of the most important piece of information is how you came to know the seller.

A lot of new online buyers often make the mistake thinking an online sellers position in the search engine is a sign of credibility. In fact the first few results in Google are from horrible sellers. I’m not sure if Google is aware of this but people are suffering from horrible sellers because of this. Never equate an online sellers position in the search results as a sign of credibility. This fact also holds true to a sellers website design. A sellers website should never also be equated to a sign of credibility. Anyone can buy a nice website template for $50, mistakes life these are expensive and can be hard to correct.

Its often good to ask from your local dealer for reputable Rolex this also holds true to online sellers. I recently asked one of my favorite stores for a reputable seller. I got the name DavidSW which has a long history of selling pre-owned Rolex watches for a very good price. You can see various praises from happy customers and free from any complaint inside the BBB (Better Business Bureau) website. DavidSW is one of the type of sellers you should be looking for online. One of the best ways to test them out is by sending an email, DavidSW responded in a matter of minutes.

No matter how a person prefers to buy a watch, there is a significant savings to be made buying it online. The only thing left is to do a little research to make your transaction risk-free and as enjoyable as buying it in a real store.

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Rolex GMT-Master II Steel

Reference: 116710LN
Price brand New: $ 8,000
Used Mint Condition: $ 3,500 – $4,000
I have always envied my brother’s Rolex GMT but stop myself from getting one due to its size. I’ve always found it a bit smaller than I wanted to but that’s mainly due to my preference.

But Looking through the new GMT Master I’ve found some love with amount of details Rolex has put on the watch. The ceramic dial alone is the best I’ve seen in any other previous models. Subtle touches like the engraving of Rolex on the inside rings gives the GMT Master a Signature in deserves.

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